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Once I was hanging out a buddies house.

We had just come back from a long backpacking trip.

Since his apartment complex had a pretty large laundry room, we decided we'd do all our laundry there.

While we were hanging out, I grabbed a magazine and went the restroom.

While I was in there, I saw a spider.

A big one.

I immediately recoiled.

But then I laughed.

We'd just got back from backpacking.

No showers for a week.

Sleeping on a tarp, on the ground.

Surrounded by bugs and fish (that we caught and ate) and even a few deer and bears.

Under this context, seeing a spider or any other critter wouldn't even register.

But in a clean bathroom, where it's NOT expected, it can seem a bit unsettling.

Context is everything.

Expectations are also very important.

For example, imagine a waiter at a restaurant.

They introduce themselves, ask questions and make recommendations to strangers all the time.

They expect to ask questions, and have them answered.

The customers expect to be asked questions, and have them answered.

But that same waiter in different environment might be the shyest person you'll ever meet.

He wouldn't dare approach a stranger, ask questions and make recommendations.

But this is EXACTLY why people go to social places.

To meet people.

To ask questions.

To be asked questions.

And to make recommendations.

What recommendations?

Simple ones like this:

"Hey, I enjoyed talking to you. Why don't we exchange numbers so we can get together sometime?"

Sometimes this is easy.

Sometimes this is extremely difficult.

One common way to approach this "problem" is to develop a very strong frame.

After all, if you have a strong frame, a compelling frame, it's much easier to make suggestions.

But this is one of those things that is very easy in theory, but very hard in practice.

Holding a strong frame is not so easy when you are talking to somebody you just met.

And when the entire reason you are talking to them is they have something you'd like to have.

Their presence, their energy, their personality, etc.

So the common response is to keep building a very strong frame.

So strong it's the strongest frame around.

This is possible, but it's very difficult.

The opposite, on the other hand, is very easy.

To purposely come with a WEAKER frame.

And to ask easy to answer questions from that weaker frame.

Questions that will build up their desire and attraction to YOU.

Very uncommon, very powerful, and very, very easy.

Learn How:


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