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If you are a kid, your mom doesn't want you hanging around with sketchy characters.

Because you'll unconsciously soak up bad behaviors.

This is how humans learn.

Most teachers attempt this ancient technique, but they fail miserably.

Learning and well as teaching are both instincts.

They have to be.

Since humans brains have been growing very large for at least a million years.

Right around when we discovered fire.

This was long before language was invented.

But we still had to learn, and to teach.

Plenty of lower animals do this.

Just not as well as us humans.

We learn, and teach, through a process called modeling.

This is one of those buzzwords everybody uses but nobody understands.

If you've ever been around kids, and you accidentally let loose an F-bomb, you know exactly what modeling is.

Even if the kid didn't notice, you and all the other adults will.

Even if you don't have kids, and you are hanging with a bunch of buddies somewhere, if there is a group of kids nearby, everybody will NATURALLY keep the f-bombs to a minimum.

We even SAY why.

We don't want to "teach" them bad words.

Even though we're not standing up in front of a chalk board.

"Ok, children, repeat after me: Mother fu....."

Just saying these words out loud is enough.

This is how modeling works.

The learner UNCONSCIOUSLY picks up things from the TEACHER.

Back in the old days of apprenticeships, the apprentice would watch and copy the master.

The master wouldn't need to talk.

The apprentice wouldn't need to listen or take notes or study.

Just watch and copy.

Copy consciously, and copy unconsciously.

This is why your mom doesn't want you hanging out with hoodlums.

Because of all the unconscious things you may pick up.

Why is this important?

Because we choose our friends, and lovers, based on how well we LIKE to pick up things from them unconsciously.

How we like to unconsciously teach them.

This is EXACTLY why the phrase, "imitation is the deepest form of flattery" is absolutely correct.

So the best way to let somebody know you like and appreciate them is to copy them.

However, this presents a problem.

Suppose you see somebody you want to get to know.

And you want to make a nice impression.

It wouldn't be a good idea to get close and start copying all their movements.

That would be CREEPY.

But this is where a related idea comes in.

To be interesting TO somebody, you need to be interested IN that somebody.

This is very close to the "imitation = flattery" idea.

Luckily, there is a very simple, and very straightforward set of questions you can ask.

Easy to ask, easy to answer, and will make them feel VERY GOOD about you.

Learn How:


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