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Once I had this coworker.

He was in his late 30's, and hadn't exercised in a while.

He decided that he would begin to exercise.

And like most people, he started much too fast.

His plan was to go down to the local track, and alternate between jogging and sprinting.

This is, actually, a very good workout.

But it requires you can handle it.

He couldn't.

He nearly blew out his knees and couldn't walk right for a week.

This a very common human phenomenon.

To have an idea, and a half baked plan.

And then take off like gangbusters, and then get blown out.

This CAN lead one to believe we have insufficient willpower.

Because this is not only a common scenario, but a common response, that there is a HUGE meta belief that us humans lack willpower.

But this is absolutely and utterly false.

Think about it from a cost-benefit analysis.

When you start any kind of self development program, the BENEFITS are huge.

They are fantastic and wonderful.


The costs are small, since you haven't really started.


But the MORE you move forward from fantasy to reality, the BENEFITS start o decrease, and the costs start to increase.

Eventually, you'll get to a tipping point where the costs are GREATER than the benefits.

Quitting is absolutely RATIONAL.

In fact, willpower has NOTHING to do with this.

Imagine if you signed up for a streaming service like Netflix.

And when it started, the movies were AWESOME.

And it was only $2 per month.

But a year later, the movies absolutely SUCKED.

And they wanted $100 per month.

Most people would QUIT the service.

Because the COSTS are greater than the BENEFITS.

Nobody would think they lacked willpower.

This is very, very common in self help.

To start off like gangbusters, and then later quit.

Nothing to do with willpower.

Everything to do with costs and benefits.

Even worse is that most self help is HARD.

Exercise is HARD.

Talking to strangers is HARD.

Anything related to social exposure and potential rejection is HARD.

Or it usually is.

It is the way most courses and books present interpersonal communication.

But there is a way that is very EASY.

And unlike all the other self-help flim flam, the more you do this, the EASIER it gets.

The longer you practice these ideas, the benefits will INCREASE.

The costs will DECREASE.

That's because it's all based on a very deep, and very powerful mental reframe.

Not on you.

On others.

One you do on yourself.

Once you flip THIS switch, you'll be amazed.

Learn More:


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