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Pretty people have it much easier than non pretty people.

This is something that everybody kind of feels, and knows, but it's extremely hard to talk about.

But it happens to be one of those things that can lead to some stunning realizations.

A rough metaphor would be if you have deep money anxiety.

Like most people do.

Most people hate to balance their bank account.

You go to the ATM, and even if you know you just got paid, you got this horrible fear of getting the dreaded, "insufficient funds" message.

This leads to all kinds of horrible, mostly subconscious, conclusions.

The halo effect is similar.

If we do admit there IS a halo effect, it's bad for everybody.

At least initially.

If you are one of the pretty people, it means that it's not really YOU that's doing the work.

It's your genetic gifts.

Nobody gives a crap about your ideas and thoughts and beliefs.

So long as they are coming out of a pretty face, that's good enough.

This is why naturally attractive people HATE to be told that their success is largely due to their looks.

On the flip side, normal looking folks like us HATE the halo effect idea just as much.

Since we're NOT genetically gifted with gorgeous looks, there's not much we'll EVER be able to do.

Both sides are correct, but only in a VERY superficial way.

Because with a little effort, you can CREATE your own halo effect.

No matter HOW you look.

How's that?

First, let's understand exactly HOW the halo effect works.

It's not conscious.

It's purely subconscious.

The halo effect is when we feel a deep physical attraction.

A deep and ancient POSITIVE feeling.

And whatever the pretty person is talking about will be UNCONSCIOUSLY associated with that ancient, deep, positive feeling.

It's critical to understand this is NOT conscious.

Which means if you can CREATE a positive feeling in the other person, it will have the SAME effect.

Even better is a genetically based halo effect has only one setting.

Because it's based on their physical presence.

But a custom made halo effect is based on their unique dreams and desires and fantasies.

Which means you can BUILD it as strongly as you want.

And since it's based ONLY on the ideas that exist inside THEIR brain, it doesn't matter WHO you are.

It doesn't matter WHAT you look like.

Not only does it NOT matter who you are or what you look like, since EVERYBODY'S got an endless stream of desires in their brain, you can use this technique on anybody you want.

Learn How:


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