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They say that no man is an island.

What does this mean, specifically?

Nobody can exist on their own.

Even you happen to have a fat enough bank account, and nice cabin far away from society, it is impossible to survive without other people.

The stuff you buy has to be made by other people.

The plumbing and electricity in your home has to be maintained by other people.

Once a science writer tried, as an experiment, to make a toaster from scratch.

Something that you can get for $20.

Something so simple we take it for granted.

But he wanted to see how complicated it would to build one.

Entirely from scratch.

Not buying the parts and putting them together.

But creating the copper and the metal and the rubber and everything.

It turned out that it was impossible.

That's just the toaster.

Making bread would be equally difficult.

Grow the wheat, grind the wheat, mix it with water, put it in the oven.

Of course, that oven would be need to be made.

So even if you've got tons of money, getting what you want absolutely depends on other people.

Sometimes this is as easy as handing over the cash, and them handing over whatever it is you want.

Some bread, a toaster, etc.

But what about things that can't be purchased?

Like friendship or love?

What about the money itself?

Turns out this is where most people have the most trouble.

The non-financial transactions.

Making friends, creating relationships, and creating fat income streams.

This isn't something they teach in school.

Not even business school.

Sure, they have all kinds of theories.

But these theories are pretty vague.

Especially when it comes to making friends and collecting romantic partners.

The most common advice is very, very vague.

Be yourself.

Be more confident.

Make a move.

Easy for those who do those things easily.

But what about the rest of us?

What SPECIFICALLY do we do?

What SPECIFICALLY do we say?

Luckily, there is a system.

A very simple system.

To get from where you are, to where you want to be.

To create fantastic feelings in others.

So they'll be MORE than willing to help you get what you want.

Whatever it is.

Especially if it comes from them.

Learn How:


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