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A very common idea in romantic movies is the oddball couple who finally "get" each other.

The famous line from Jerry McGuire is when he showed up and said:

"You complete me."

This is a very yin-yang, soul mate, idea.

The idea that we have strengths and weaknesses.

And that there is somebody out there, at least potentially, who is a perfect match.

Their strengths will fill in our weaknesses.

And our strengths will fill in their weaknesses.

The "you get me" idea is also very common.

To finally find somebody who truly understands us.

Not just understands us, but understands and ACCEPTS us.

Everybody would love to find somebody like this.

Not just in a romantic way, but as a friend, or even from a person selling stuff.

If you can find somebody selling something that is deliberately geared toward your own unique needs, chances all you'll keep buying from us.

This was a marketing angle from Burger King way back in the day.

"Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce, special orders don't upset us..."

They wanted to differentiate themselves from every other fast food place by deliberating promoting the idea of custom-made fast food.

Anytime we humans find somebody that stops what they are doing and pays REAL attention to us, we remember.

Even better is if they make us feel comfortable enough to trust them, so we can share certain things about ourselves.

Things we dare not share with acquaintances.

Even better, is if they not only accept those things about us, but they admire us and appreciate us because of them.

This is why so many goofy romance movies have that similar theme.

You get me.

You complete me.

You understand me.

This is because EVERYBODY feels the same way.

Everybody you see, every single day, has tons of these UNMET needs.

Which means if you can figure out a way to make THEM feel comfortable enough to share them with you, they'll do ANYTHING for you.

All it takes is a few questions.

A few follow up questions and off you go.

The hardest part will be keeping your ideas to yourself.

This is much more difficult than it seems.

To let the OTHER PERSON keep the conversational spotlight.

But if you can manage that, you can build up an INSANE amount of desire in them.

Not just desire, but raw desire energy.

That you can attach to anything you want.

Your business, your ideas, or you.

Learn How:


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