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A long time ago I had to teach a bunch of kids some magic tricks.

It was for this summer program.

Me and another lady had to come up with a bunch of magic tricks to teach two summer school classes.

One group was 4-5 years old, the other was 6-7.

To make things worse, they didn't want to spend a lot of money.

So we couldn't buy tricks.

Luckily, we found a bunch of "self working" card tricks.

Tricks that require you stack the deck before hand.

With a stacked deck, you can deal them out in a specific way to make the cards come up unexpectedly.

This way, the kids didn't need to learn any complicated sleight of hand.

Just start with a deck, remember how to deal the cards, and it would work out.

The main part was practicing the stories to tell while doing the trick.

Turns out this is the main part of many magic tricks.

Talking while doing the tricks.

Many advanced magic tricks are based on sleight of hand.

Of actually doing some very complicated work.

To make it much easier, you can tell some stories.

The more interesting the story is, the less likely the audience will pay close attention to your hands.

Since people LIKE watching magic tricks, they go along with whatever story you are telling.

This requires people KNOW that they are seeing a magic trick.

For people who like magic, whenever a magician starts to do a trick, and starts into a magician's story, they naturally listen.

Or if you are a world famous comedian up on a stage, they'll shut off their brains and listen to you talk.

Nearly every other time you are in a conversation with somebody, they WON'T turn off their brain and listen.

This is not a comfortable thought, but every time you find yourself in a conversation with somebody, whatever YOU are saying is ALWAYS going to be in competition with the ideas in their brain.

Dale Carnegie famously said that everybody is always listening to their favorite radio station, WII-FM.

"What's in it for me."

So unless you are talking specifically about THEM, (which most people don't) they are going to wait for an opening.

Whenever you pause, so they can talk about them.

And they are talking about them, that's exactly what YOU will do.

This is exactly what we all do.

But there is a VERY EASY way to talk about them.

And it won't take long to lead them to WHEREVER you want.

Using ONLY their ideas.

Learn How:


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