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When I was a kid I got this robot for Christmas.

This was WAY back in the day before a lot of electronics started to become commercially available.

It ran on batteries and basically just walked.

When I was a kid, Japanese monster movies were popular.

They had the famous ones, Godzilla, Rodan, etc.

But there was one that I particularly liked.

As a kid I only knew it as "Giant Robot."

The government (or somebody) built this huge robot.

But a kid was the first one who activated it.

And he could command the robot by talking into his watch.

The commands always started with, "Giant Robot..." and then the command.

I (and probably every other kid who watched that movie) LOVED to imagine having my own giant robot.

Many people are attracted to the idea of hypnosis for two main reasons.

One is that we can (allegedly) use hypnosis to get others to do what we want.

The other is that we can solve our own problems with hypnosis.

Most people imagine being able to use hypnosis on others very much like the kid used on Giant Robot.

To simply give them commands and watch them obey.

This is how it is used in the movies.

Say the magic phrase, snap your fingers and BOOM, they're in a trance.

If it were only so easy!

But movie hypnosis is not like real hypnosis.

Real hypnosis DOES work.

But it's a bit more complicated than using a magic word or phrase.

If humans could be so easily controlled, all the women would be pregnant, and all the men would be broke.

Luckily, this is NOT the case.

But there are plenty of ways to create the same outcome.

Of getting the other person to do whatever you want.

It's only a little bit more complicated than in the movie.

It requires first talking to them, and asking them some questions.

Very easy to answer questions.

They aren't quite questions that you can memorize.

You WILL have to do some thinking.

But once you figure it out, it's very easy to ask anybody the right questions in the right order.

Each one you ask, they'll easily answer.

Because every time they answer, they'll feel better.

And after only a few questions, they WILL be very eager to do whatever it is you want them to.

Even better is they'll truly believe it was THEIR idea.

Learn How:



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