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The stone age ended and the bronze age started when ancient humans figured out how to use metal.

Most historians figured it was by accident.

Most groundbreaking discoveries are by accident.

Most of the tech inventions of the 70's were unexpected byproducts of the space race in the late 60's.

Bronze and other metals exist as ore.

Mixed in with rocks.

They suspect that somebody had a fire, like they normally did.

And they found that part the rock melted out when it got hot.

And reformed.

And the reformed metal was pretty hard.

Up to that point in human history, if they wanted a sharp blade, it would take a LOT of time.

They had to find the right kind of rock.

And spend a few days sharpening it.

And even then it was only partially effective.

You would have to tie it to a stick to make a weapon.

But once they figured out how to find this ore that they could melt into weapons and tools, it changed everything.

Later, they figured out how to mix different kinds of metal to make even STRONGER metal.

This first discovery, or first few, were pretty much random accidents.

But then this led to a "meta" discovery.

If rocks can be used in ways nobody ever expected, what kinds of other things can be used in ways nobody ever expected?

This led to random experiments to just to see what might happen.

Most of these were utter failures.

Even Isaac Newton liked the idea of alchemy.

The idea of turning dirt into gold.

But the IDEA of alchemy later turned into chemistry.

Of mixing stuff together, in hopes of finding out what might happen.

There is a common root in both words.


If thousands of people are trying random things, you only need a few advancements each generation to keep the creativity party going.

Writing is another "meta" discovery.

Writing allowed the people at the end of the dark ages to read and understand what the ancient Greeks had already discovered.

Discoveries, both planned and accidental, both meta and non-meta, have propelled humans from the stone age to today.

What idea has NOT been present during all this?

What mindset will absolutely KEEP YOU from taking part in this non stop party of human creativity?

The idea that somebody ELSE is supposed to take care of you.

The idea that somebody ELSE is supposed to do your thinking for you.

The idea that somebody ELSE is supposed to tell you what you do.

Use your brain, unlock your potential, and join the party.

Learn How:


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