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A deep desire for most people is to get more social status.

This is based on a very ancient instinct.

It works very much like food and sex.

For example, you could be walking down the street, minding your own business.

You might not think you're hungry.

Until you pass a bakery.

Or an IN-N-Out.

Or perhaps you meet some friends for drinks.

You don't feel hungry.

Until your friends order some appetizers.

Take one bite and it's all over.

We even say things like, "Wow, I didn't know how hungry I was!"

Sex is the same.

Suppose your walking down another street, minding your own business.

You see an attractive person, and smile at them.

Suppose they smile back.

REALLY smile back.

Even look you up and down, letting their eyes feast on you.

But they keep walking.

Whatever you WERE thinking about is long gone.

Now that person is all you'll be able to think about.

For a few days.

Social status is very much like that.

We don't think we WANT any until we GET some.

And then it's ALL we can think of.

But because suddenly being blindsided by food and sex ideas and images is common, but REAL social status is not, most won't ever experience this.

This is a common "drug" like feeling in those who fear public speaking, but get over it.

At least enough to get up a few times and give a speech.

Standing up in front of people feels VERY MUCH like having real social status.

Even if it's a bunch of goofs like us just there to practice giving speeches.

It's not uncommon for people who are initially terrified of public speaking lose time.

They stand up, and once the fear wanes and the positive feelings kick in, then it's like hunger.

Where you can't ever eat one chip.

They love the feeling so much they talk and talk and talk.

But REAL social status is EXTREMELY powerful.

Because from a purely instinctive standpoint, after a certain point, money and sex are natural results.

Below a certain level money and sex MUST be chased separately.

And once you get above a certain level of social status, the name of the game is twofold.

One, to KEEP IT at all costs.

Two, get MORE of it at all costs.

And one very powerful way that pretty much EVERYBODY has used to keep their status and power is LIE about how to get it.

Nobody wants competition.

So those at the top are very skilled in feeding those below them a bunch of crap.

So those below them will STAY below them.

Screw that!

Understand the rules, and get whatever you want.

Learn How:


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