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Imagine there was some kind of nuclear apocalypse.

Or cannibal apocalypse if you like.

Society ended, and most people died.

Now imagine it's 1000 or so years later, and a new society has emerged.

They've discovered a bunch of stuff from the old society.

A few musical instruments, and some CD's of people playing these instruments.

Since the CD's are really rare, only super rich people can listen to them.

But there is an idea of something called "music" floating around.

This really weird way of making sounds.

Suppose some people had seminars on music.

There were still plenty of instruments, but nobody knew how to play them.

So the seminar teacher would talk ABOUT music.

But they would never play.

They talked about music in mythical terms.

Metaphysical terms.

These teachers were so charismatic they convinced everybody that they were actually learning HOW to play music.

Instead of only learning about music.

These people would go to parties and use music vocabulary.

But they would never play music.

Not even whistle or snap their fingers.

It wouldn't be a stretch, in this particular society to imagine that "music" didn't really exist.

It was just a bunch of snake oil dreamt up by seminar teachers as a way to get rich.

They might even confront these alleged "musicians" at parties.

"If music exists, whistle me a song," they would demand.

"It doesn't really work like that," the musicians would respond.

"How does it work?" the skeptics would fire back.

"If you have to ask, then you don't really know. I can't really explain it to you," the musicians would fire back.

Silly story?

Not really.

This is pretty much how things like NLP and hypnosis, and to an extent, any social based skills are taught and learned.

Communication, money making, etc.

These seminar gurus talk ABOUT the skill.

They talk about what will happen once you HAVE the skill.

But they never really explain how to GET the skill.

These types of seminars FEEL LIKE you are learning something important.

It sure feels like it.

There's a charismatic guy up on stage talking.

There's a bunch of people in seats listening.

But here's the thing.

The thing most people don't like to hear.

EVERYTHING is a skill.

Which means if takes practice.

Not a little.

Not enough until it's permanent.

Imagine walking into a gym and asking a personal trainer:

"Hey, how long until this exercise becomes permanent?"

He'd look at you funny.

Communication skills, money making skills, seduction and persuasion skills, are SKILLS.

The more you practice, the better you get.

Luckily, since few people realize this, with only a little bit of daily practice, you can slowly build a HUGE advantage.

Get Started:


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