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I was reading some forum a few days ago and somebody was talking about a "hack" they'd discovered.

It was pretty silly, not really a hack.

It involved taking handful of cereal, putting it in their mouth, and then taking a swig of milk.

Like eating a "bowl" of cereal without needing a spoon or a bowl.

Not something I would call a "hack."

But words tend to do that.

A lot of technical words start off with very specific meaning, but as they bleed through the collective consciousness, their meaning becomes more and more vague.

Studying the origins of phrases is pretty interesting.

But also pretty impossible.

Since up until the internet, phrases for spoken for a LONG TIME before anybody wrote them down.

A "hack" of course, is a way get around normal safeguards and security protocols.

It sounds kind of cool.

But it also requires a ton of intelligence and confidence.

Two things most people don't have.

So we "reframe" those words to mean something WE can do.

I don't really think taking a handful of cereal and a swig of milk is something to brag about.

It also kind of defeats the purpose of a true hack.

If you were a real "hacker" you wouldn't brag about your exploits online.

Another reason words like "hack" and "cheat" get filtered into the collective consciousness.

You get to do the normal, everyday stuff you do.

But by giving it those edgy sounding labels, you get to pretend you are special.

When in reality, you are doing the same things everybody else is doing.

Most people are terrified of leaving the center of the herd.

Most people are terrified of standing up and LEADING the herd.

We would rather use language that sort of sounds like we're cutting edge leaders, but we're still safely in the middle of the herd.

Clever advertisers know all about this.

The frame their products to sound very cutting edge, and advanced.

At the same time they sell them to the masses.

There are, however, still cheats and hacks.

Just not the kind most people know about.

They do require that you think independently.

That you aren't going to wait around for permission.

Or somebody else to go first to prove that it's safe.

Turns out if you can ditch THOSE TWO common herd desires, that's a hack unto itself.

Because once you ditch the herd, there are plenty of hacks just waiting.

In broad daylight.

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