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A lot of things we humans do is to avoid facing tough issues.

Eating, sex, TV, alcohol, drugs, etc.

But unless we face these tough issues, they won't go away.

For most of us, these aren't nearly as dramatic as on TV or in the movies.

For most of us, these are like Mark Twain fears.

Mark Twain famously said that 90% of his fears never happened.

But unless you realize this, they will SEEM real.

Which is the basis of one of those clever acronyms.

F.E.A.R = "false enemies appearing real"

The problem is unless you look at them in the eye, and PROVE to yourself they are false, they will act as if they are real.

In every hero's journey story is what Joseph Campbell called the "belly of the whale experience."

It's when Luke had to go into the cave in "Empire Strikes Back" to face Vader.

It's when Gandalf the Gray faced the demon of hell that "shall not pass."

And became Gandalf the White.

It's when Hercules had to spend time in Hell before becoming a hero.

It's also when Jonah was in the belly of a literal whale.

And when Jesus was in the tomb for three days.

Why are these "belly of the whale" experiences in nearly every hero's journey story?

Because unless we face our FALSE FEARS inside, we'll never be able to face our real obstacles in the world.

The obstacles in the real world are NEVER as big and scary as we THINK our inner fears and demons are.

The ones that come in the middle of the night.

Those pesky worries that invade an otherwise good night's sleep.

Back in the times of hunters and gatherers, our deepest fears were VERY dangerous.

They involved killing a huge animal that didn't want to be killed.

For most ancient hunters, unless they literally FACED this fear, they would never get the good stuff in life.

The mad social status.

The crazy sex.

The rock star treatment.

All that was on the OTHER SIDE of facing their fears.

Literally face to face with a much larger animal that very much DID NOT WANT to be killed.

So every story they listened to around the campfire growing up had heroes who faced much bigger monsters.

Dragons and demons and witches.

If you never face your inner fears, the good things in life will always be out of reach.

If you DO face your inner fears, the good things in life will be possible.

Not easy, but possible.

Mechanical even.

Learn How:


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