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Science and math have a lot of cool paradoxes.

One is a three dimensional graph commonly referred to as "Gabriel's Horn."

It's a long cone looking thing.

What's the paradox?

Mathematically, it has an infinite surface area, on the outside of the cone.

But at the same time, the inside of the cone has finite volume.

Meaning if it were a real physical shape, and not a mathematical idea, you could fill the inside with a finite amount of paint.

Because the inside has finite volume.

But the outside has infinite surface area.

So if you tried to paint the outside, it would take an infinite amount of paint.

You'll find plenty of these "paradoxes" in math.

But math is not quite reality.

Math is a "perfected" version of our ideal reality.

For example, pi goes on for infinity.

But in real life, the most they ever need is a couple dozen digits.

And when you consider quantum physics, the idea that if you get small enough, you run out of "smoothness."

So pi doesn't really exist in the real world.

Another cool paradox is the idea of chaos theory.

That any polynomial equation is impossible to predict.

This is why they can only GUESS at the weather.

The weather tomorrow is based on the weather today.

The weather the day after tomorrow is based on the weather tomorrow.

The further out you go, the more uncertainty there is.

This idea absolutely OBLITERATES common self help myths.

The idea that you can whisper one thing in a girls ear to drive her crazy.


Because however anybody reacts to anything you say is based largely on what happened to them a couple seconds ago.

Imagine whispering a certain "magic pick up line" to a girl RIGHT AFTER she got fired from her job.

Imagine whispering that same thing, to the same girl, but RIGHT AFTER she found $500 on the street.

On one hand, this can feel horrible.

On the other hand, it's pretty cool.

It's horrible because we, as individuals can't predict ANYTHING when it comes to human behavior.

But this also means that nobody else can.

Which means you can BE whoever you want.

Try anything, and if it works, cool.

If it doesn't, try something different.

Nobody knows who you are, until you interact with them.

Every single time you have a conversation with somebody, this is a brand new opportunity to define yourself.

However you want.

Learn How:


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