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Here's an interesting mental experiment.

They say we humans have been humans for 100,000 years or so.

Meaning that humans of 100K years ago had the same brains, bodies, language and thinking ability that we did.

But since writing was only invented AFTER they had big enough societies, none of the thoughts of ancient humans were recorded, other than in cave drawings.

From our modern perspective, we look at those cave drawings and imagine they were pretty primitive.

But they hadn't yet figured out how to write.

So the best way they could express those thoughts were through drawings.

And the transmission of ALL information had to be passed down orally.

By telling and remembering stories.

So the same brains were limited in the information they could store.

In a very real way, writing was a way to OUTSOURCE human memory.

As soon as we figured out how to remember stuff (write it down) OUTSIDE of our brains, we could slowly, over the generations, amass much more data.

Anyhow, here's the mental experiment.

Suppose you had a time machine.

And you traded a baby born today with a baby born 50,000 years ago.

Babies born, both today and 50,000 years ago are still UNFORMED.

Their brains are still being wired.

Which means that if you took a baby born 50,000 years ago, and raised today, in a modern family in a modern city, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

Remember, humans are the SAME, mentally, linguistically, anatomically, and physically.

The idea that a baby born 50,000 years ago could grow today and handle everything more or less the same as everybody else is pretty amazing.

But at the same time, it's pretty expected.

Now for the cool part of the experiment.

Imagine somebody came from the future and took YOU, as a baby, into the future 5,000 years.

Would the future you have ANY problem growing up and learning all that ADVANCED technology?

The answer HAS to be no.

This is a couple of mental examples of just how much potential you have in your brain.

The potential to learn all kinds of things.

This is a double edged sword.

A very DANGEROUS double edged sword.

Because one of the most COMMON ideas we learn are related to limitations.

Because our brains are so capable of soaking up any information, any piece of knowledge and any set of meta-ideas, we can learn limitations as easily as we can learn calculus.

We LOVE limitations because they are so comfortable.

But comfort in the short term can be very, very disastrous in the long term.

Detach yourself from limitations, and see just what is possible.

Get Started:


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