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One of the hardest things to do as a human is to be responsible.

The easiest thing to do in modern times is to find a reason, outside of yourself, for why you can't get what you want.

Plenty of modern movements are centered around this common idea.

It works like this.

You've got somebody who wants something, but can't get.

The first step is to externalize the problem.

Something that worked fantastically in our ancient past.

You throw a spear at an animal, and you miss.

It's GOOD to get angry at the animal, rather than yourself.

That angry makes you WANT to kill that mother-effer much more.

So you do.

Today, that has the opposite effect.

Like most of our ancient instincts.

Especially if what you want comes from other people.

Getting mad at animals so you'll be more motivated to KILL THEM is fantastic.

Getting mad at PEOPLE is not fantastic.

But that's the instinct.

So our hero has NOT gotten what he wanted, and his natural instinct is to EXTERNALIZE the problem onto others.

The next step is to find other people who have SIMILAR issues.

Now that externalized problem has SOCIAL PROOF.

They get together once a week to complain about this issue.


Two very powerful Cialdini laws.

The group gets big enough and some guy writes a book about it.

Has a popular YouTube channel with a couple hundred thousand subscribers.

Maybe he even goes on TV.

Now this problem, that has been externalized, has THREE Cialdini laws of influence.

Social proof, commitment and consistency, and AUTHORITY.

Once it gets to this level, it is INSANELY hard to detach from this.

Now for the money question:

You have TWO choices.

Choice one is to stay safely in this "tribe."

A tribe that offers three very COMPELLING and POSITIVE instinctive feelings.

Social proof, authority and commitment and consistency.

But the COST of this is you will NEVER get that original THING that you wanted.

What's the other choice?

To break free of the tribe.

To think for yourself.

To MAYBE improve yourself enough to actually GET that thing.

What's the "thing"?

It could be ANYTHING related to other people.

Sex, relationship, money, business, etc.

In case you hadn't noticed, both benefits have associated costs.

All benefits have associated costs.

The first situation has IMMEDIATE benefits.

Social proof, authority, and commitment and consistency.

But LONG TERM costs.

Not getting the thing you want.

The second choice has short term costs.

Ditching all those positive feelings of the group.

The benefits, are long term.

One is easy.

One is not.

One leads to actual success.

One does not.

Which will you choose?

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