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Isaac Newton was a smart guy.

He invented calculus, and discovered gravity.

He wrote the first book on physics.

This book covered a lot of old school ideas.

Later, when they discovered NEW ideas, they separated a lot of science into "Newtonian" and "non-Newtonian."

Since a lot of stuff continues to be discovered, that doesn't quite fit into Newton's ideas.

Euclid is another smart guy.

He came up with a bunch of ideas about geometry.

Way back in BC.

Today, there is Euclidian geometry, and non-Euclidian geometry.

This idea, of famous dudes inventing famous ideas, and then more famous dudes coming later to add things on to those ideas, is pretty much human nature.

Once upon a time, there was a bunch of monkey people, some dirt and some animals.

Then the monkey people became people.

And the people started to invent stuff.

Some people invent stuff because they are INSNAELY curious.

But it's also a means to an end.

They want to be RECOGNIZED as the first to discover something.

It's nice to imagine that these guys like Euclid and Newton only cared about "pure science" for the sake of pure science.

That's only partially true.

They wanted to be WELL KNOWN.

How do we know this?

Because scientists are like any other human.

They have RIVALS.

Newton had plenty of RIVALS.

Back in the day, there were plenty of arguments over who REALLY invented calculus first.

If it was only PURE science, none of those guys would care who got credit.

But they VERY MUCH cared.

The world of science, even pure research, is INSANELY competitive.

Which means science itself is a means to an end.

A lot of scientific discoveries were made by businessmen.

Edison is likely the most famous example.

He and Tesla were VICIOUS competitors.

Deep on our human structure is the idea of competition.

Animals compete with each other for resources.

Humans compete with each other for resources.

Sometimes those "resources" are fame and everything that comes with it.

Sometimes those resources are the ONE JOB that fifty dudes are trying to get.

Sometimes those resources are the ONE LADY that every guy's got a boner for.

The scientist-business that were the BEST at both are remembered.

Some were much better scientists than they were businesses.

For example, plenty of the most famous inventions associated with the Industrial Revolution were invented by smart guys who died broke.

Life is a competition that never stops.

There are no breaks, there are no time outs, and it's pretty much a free for all.

But if you understand the deep instinctive rules of human nature, you will have a fighting chance.

Get in the game, and play to win.


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