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Understanding Human Instincts


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Understanding human instincts is critical.

There are, however a couple of ideas that make this MORE dangerous than helpful.

One is to use instincts to explain WHY you should be hanging out on the sidelines.

It sucks to get in the game, get pummeled and then have to crawl back to the sidelines.

From that perspective, it can HELP to think about what just happened.

The perspective of being meta is very helpful.

But it's also kind of addictive.

Because the act of describing FEELS very much like controlling.

Like you are "above the fray," so to speak.

That by accurately describing the fray, you are BETTER than the fray.

This is normal when we humans are trying to understand NON HUMAN systems.

For example, once upon a time we didn't know anything about the weather.

Every time the skies thundered, we thought Thor was angry and trying to kill us.

But once we figured out meteorology, every time the skies thundered, we could explain WHY.

This feels GOOD.

But only if you can USE that explanation as a tool.

If you can PREDICT the rain, you wear a raincoat and carry and umbrella.

You don't refuse to go outside.

This is what happens when people to speak in terms of evolutionary psychology.

By describing things they are NOT involved, it feels BETTER than getting pummeled.

That would be like figuring out the weather and then using that as an excuse to STAY INSIDE.

Inside is no fun.

All the fun is outside.

Understanding instinctive behavior is a starting point.

A set of rules that will HELP you interact with others.

The way many people use instinctive psychology as an EXCUSE would be like a really fat guy standing next to a buffet.

WHILE he's explaining how our ancient ancestors needed very strong hunger, he kept shoveling food in his mouth.

Nobody does this.

People use an understanding of hunger to get in fantastic shape.

To use science to calculate how much food they need.

To use their conscious minds to IGNORE the instincts, since they KNOW how many calories they need.

Similarly, once you understand the instinctive roots of modern behavior, it's like having a secret cheat sheet.

You'll know what to say and how to act.

Which means not only can you get in the game, but you can win.

And win repeatedly.

Get Started:


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