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One of the greatest feelings as a human is one that few people feel today.

Ideas like happiness are great for writing newspaper articles.

Plenty of academics like to do research on things like happiness.

It's something everybody wants, nobody knows how to define, and everybody is clueless on how to get it.

So this means there's a lot of interest in the subject.

Lots of interest means a lot of people can write a lot of articles about it.

But the problems come with HOW they do their research.

The first mistake is to ASK people.

A common rule in dating, for men, is not to pay attention what women say, but rather what they do.

This is not only excellent advice, but it applies to EVERYBODY.

If you are a marketer, and you ask people what they want or like, you're wasting your money.

Marketers and advertisers have known for DECADES that watching what people do is MUCH MORE useful than listening to what they say.

One reason for this is that VERY FEW people can admit the truth to themselves, let alone to a goof with a clipboard.

The second mistake these happiness researchers make is trying to come up with some kind of happiness INDEX.

Income, health, friends, sex, etc.

These are all external things.

Two different people with the SAME EXACT lifestyle will have two different levels of happiness.

They could even look alike and live next door to one another.

Maybe one guy, while he was in high school, had a HORRIBLE childhood.

All his teachers told him he'd be lucky to get a job digging ditches.

The other guy may have been told since he was a toddler what a SUPER GENIUS he was.

One guy expected a horrible life and ended up with a pretty good one.

This guy is HAPPY.

His next door neighbor expected a wonderful life but ended up with "only" a pretty good one.

This guy is MISERABLE.

But you'd never know by looking ONLY at the external things.

Not only is happiness a completely INTERNAL state, but it's a SIDE EFFECT.

The side effect of looking back into your past.

Seeing where you are today.

And then extrapolating into an even better future.

That STATE creates a real, genuine, feeling of happiness.

But here's the thing.

The content of the past, present and future are IRRELEVENT.

If you are better than you were, and you KNOW you will be better than you are, THAT is what creates the most wonderful human feeling.

Continuous forward movement.

Continuous improvement.

Consistent happiness.

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