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Movies with twists are pretty cool.

Especially ones that are well set up.

So you can watch them again and again, and see what you missed.

Even better are movies that people talk about.

This is kind of a deep marketing technique.

Perhaps on purpose, perhaps on accident.

To make a movie with a twist so cool that people talk about it.

And these people talking about it will be like viral marketing.

For for new viewers and repeat viewers.

A couple movies that fit this were Inception and Sixth Sense.

Movies that people saw, talked about, and then wanted to see again.

Organically, this is a pretty cool experience.

But plenty of people try to fake it.

Both in the movie, and in the marketing.

Some movies are pretty bad with their twists.

They come up with twists that NOBODY could have seen coming.

No clues, no foreshadowing, nothing.

Some are so bad they make the viewers angry.

Like they've been tricked.

Some are based on lazy writing.

They call this "Deus Ex Machina," or "god from the machine."

When the writers have written themselves into a corner, and can't figure out how to solve it.

So they have some magical character come in out of nowhere to fix everything.

Other times, the marketing is fake.

The movie is just kind of so-so.

No big twist, and a pretty boring plot.

This is when the advertisers hire people to PRETEND to write organic articles.

The idea is to try and create buzz, so it SOUNDS LIKE it's another Sixth Sense or Inception.

Recently I read one of these "fake articles" about some recent movie on Netflix.

The article made it sound like it was the scariest horror movie since The Omen, filled with unexpected twists, etc.

I looked it up on IMDB and it had a rating of 5.2 out of 10.

Talk about fake news!

You'll find this kind of thing EVERYTHING.

Fake ideas talking about fake things trying to create fake buzz.

Or politicians talking about fake solutions to fake problems.

There's so much fake nonsense floating around it's hard to tell everything apart.

Human nature, however, has NOT changed.

Not one bit.

Which means the deep things that drive us are still the same.

The things we like, the things we don't like.

But most importantly the COSTS of things.

We live in such a fake world filled with fake ideas, many people actually BELIEVE they can get something for nothing.

For those folks, this will end up being the WORST TWIST in the WORST kind of horror movie ever.

For others like you, who know what's up, that won't happen.

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