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A long ago I used to work in a lab.

For a large company that made medical devices.

Since medical devices are heavily regulated, we had to follow a lot of rules.

And since we sold medical devices in many countries, we had to follow a lot of rules set by a lot of international organizations.

One of the many ways we had to show we were following those rules were to let these folks drop by any time they wanted.

A surprise inspection.

They would check all our lab books, to make sure we signed and dated all the data correctly.

They were VERY careful about checking the calibration tags on all our measuring equipment.

A lab has TONS of measuring equipment.

And every single one of these things MUST be calibrated.

For example, if they see a thermometer, one question they would ask is HOW, specifically, do you KNOW what the thermometer says is accurate?

Turns out there is an entire industry set up around calibration.

There are federal agencies that DEFINE things, like how long a meter is, and what the SPECIFIC definition of 100 degrees is.

Otherwise, any kind of scientific study would just fall apart.

When you work in a big lab, making sure all the equipment has up to date calibration records is a HUGE pain in the you know what.

But if they find ONE piece of equipment that was used in any experiment that DIDN'T have an up to date calibration tag, the entire study would be invalidated.

And since studies cost tons of money, AND they are usually part of a LONG and VERY EXPENSIVE product development cycle, this is NOT a mistake you want to make.

It's very EASY to NOT make that mistake.

Just keep everything up to date.

And very costly if you DO make it.

So it wouldn't be out of the question to GET FIRED or suffer a serious career setback if you DID make that mistake.

In a lab, this makes perfect sense.

But we HUMANS are also calibrated.

We WERE, at least.

Our instincts were CALIBRATED to a very specific environment.

One that was much harsher than the one we live in.

One where the rules were simple.

If you don't kill, you don't eat.

And killing wasn't easy.

It meant chasing a big animal and killing with handmade tools.

This meant that the stuff NECESSARY to stay alive was very, very difficult.

Today, it's the opposite.

If anything is difficult, we think we don't have to do it.

In fact, most of us feel ENTITLED to free stuff.

This is not a very effective strategy.

What IS an effective strategy?

Find Out:


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