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Critical Life Mistake


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There are two ways to respond to the world.

This assumes that every single human will look out into the world and see it as being LESS than ideal.

This must be true.

Since all humans will always have a collection of unmet needs.

Food, water, protection from the elements.

Emotional, sexual, relationship needs.

All these need to come from our environment.

So at any given time, every single one of us looks out into the world.

When we do so, we have a collection of things in our mind that we would like FROM the world.

Some are conscious and simple.

Some are unconscious and utterly complex.

Some things can be satisfied quickly and easily.

Some may take a lifetime, and we still may fall short.

How we RESPOND to this common human experience will define our lives.

When we are very young, we are helpless.

We absolutely DEPEND on those around us who have much more power than us.

Those who have many more resources than us.

Up to a certain age, it is absolutely necessary to expect OTHER PEOPLE to satisfy our needs.

But beyond a certain age, we need to start getting our own needs in our own way.

You may even say this is the main PURPOSE of our life.

To MAXIMIZE the stuff we can get FROM the world.

By interacting WITH the world.

Of course, part of this involves recognizing that the entire world is filled with other people.

With every one having that same exact strategy.

To interact WITH the world.

To get their needs met FROM the world.

It's common to think that SOME of our needs are still NOT our responsibility.

Even as adults.

How can this be?

This would REQUIRE that some adults have the responsibility of TAKING CARE of those they will never meet.

Non relatives.

This is a dangerous idea.

Of expecting your needs to be met by people you will never meet.

It's one thing to put energy INTO the system, and expect energy OUT OF the system.

Energy in being work, time, effort, etc.

Energy out being money, goods, things we need for life, etc.

This is healthy.

This natural.

Put in, and get out.

As you go through life, you maximize the ratio.

By making the things you PUT IN more and more valuable.

And that you can do with less and less effort.

But if you only expect to get things OUT, without also putting things IN, that creates problems.

Because what if EVERYBODY on Earth decided to do that?

The flip side is that you can figure out how to MAXIMIZE the ratio of inputs and outputs.

Creating a much better life.

Learn How:


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