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Are You A Pawn Or A King?


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The Wire is one of the best TV shows ever.

Based on the ratings from IMDB.

It's up there with Sopranos, Breaking Bad, and Game of Thrones.

There's a scene in the first season where a couple of young up and coming gangsters are sitting around a chess board.

The two kids are using the board and the pieces to play checkers.

And a slightly older kid shakes his head.

He proceeds to sit down and explain how chess is played.

He describes the game, and the players in term of the characters.

Kings, queens, knights, pawns etc.

Chess is a perfect metaphor for long game planning.

Perfect for business and war.

Since business, including selling drugs on TV shows like The Wire, IS war.

Back when the British empire was still expanding, they had all their officers read Sun Tzu.

Chess is game that follows rules.

Sun Tzu wrote, "The Art of War" which is similar.

But also very different.

Knowing the rules is a good place to start.

But within the rules are plenty of different strategies.

High level players of ANY sport or game of strategies can be described, very accurately, as artists.

Understanding and predicting intentions, future movements, strategies is WAY too much for our conscious minds.

To play well at a high level, you need to have spent a TON of time practicing.

To a very high level of unconscious competence.

So you're not using logic or rational thinking.

You are using feelings and intuition.

Two things you'll find in art.

Not logic.

Human nature is vastly complex.

Far too complicated to think you can follow some simple rules.

Sure, you need to understand the rules.

But just like knowing the rules of chess won't make you a decent player, ONLY knowing the rules of life will only get you so far.

You need to know the rules.

You need to know some strategies.

And you need a lot of practice.

This is NOT something most people like to hear.

Most people want a guaranteed, step by step, blueprint for success.

Sure, that's possible if you're baking a cake or making cookies.

But when it comes to the massive number of ever changing variables you'll encounter when dealing with other people, you don't just need to be a player.

You need to be an artist.

Which requires practice, feelings and intuition.

The GOOD NEWS is that so many people are too lazy to even THINK about doing this, once you get started, you'll have a HUGE advantage.

So Get Going:


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