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Wiley E Coyote Love Patterns


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There are a lot of cartoon events that make for useful metaphors.

A common one is when Wiley E. Coyote runs off a cliff.

And he doesn't know he's no longer on solid ground.

He stops, looks the viewer, and holds up a sign.

He has to hold up a sign since coyotes can't speak.

The sign usually says something like, "uh oh..." 

This is a very applicable metaphor.

Useful for when describing something that has gone on too long.

And what worked before is no longer working.

Only nobody realizes it.

The idea being that once people realize what's happening, they'll have a "Wiley E Coyote" moment.

Then everything collapses.

Lately, this metaphor has been applied to our economy.

Specifically, the MASSIVE amount of global debt.

Supposedly, everybody is going to realize that it's no longer working.

And we'll all plummet to our death.

Or something.

But like many metaphors, they are very easily misapplied.

The map, as they say, is not the territory.

Even in the cartoon, Wiley E never dies.

Even though if anybody DID run off a cliff, they would.

Gravity is pretty quick.

But collapsing economies usually take a while.

Plenty of things can go on FAR longer than people think.

From a purely historical standpoint, every single society that has ever existed has ended.

Sometimes slowly and boringly.

Sometimes quickly and chaotically.

But they all end.

One of the reasons may be that our mind-body systems were not exactly created to keep large societies.

Our mind-body systems were designed to live in small, tight-knit communities.

Where everybody knew everybody.

And everybody had the idea that if you wanted to consume, you had to produce.

Even a few decades ago, you won't find nearly the social problems we have today.

From a pure social issue standpoint, we ran off the cliff long, long time ago.

And only now are we starting to realize it.

This is another MIS-APPLICATION of that metaphor.

Wiley E Coyote is ONE dude.

Society is made up of MILLIONS.

And unless we've got our arms linked together, and we are all running of the cliff at the same time, we can not only survive, but thrive.

It's just matter of understanding HOW our instincts are causing so much modern disasters.

Once you figure this out, it's actually pretty easy to NOT run off the cliff with every other goof.

You just need to stop and think for yourself.

Look around, figure out what you want, and get it.

Learn How:


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