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Love Is An Inside Game


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Being told what to do is a comfortable feeling.

If somebody tells you what to do, there isn't any worry or anxiety.

If somebody tells you what to do, there is little risk.

If somebody tells you what to do, so long as you follow the instructions, even if it doesn't work, you can't get in trouble.

There are also many drawbacks to being told what to do.

You are limited by the person telling you what to do.

If they run out of choices, so you do.

If they are up to no good, and they keep that from you, you may get in more trouble than you realize.

The, "I was only following orders" excuse doesn't usually work out so well.

We generally LOVE the idea of being told what to do when it involves money and social skills.

If you wanted to learn how to ride a unicycle, you would need to practice.

Nobody would ever think they could read a book on how to ride a unicycle and get it right the first time.

But for some reason, we think we can learn how to make money or get people to do things WITHOUT needing to practice.

Everything takes practice.

But since most of us are terrified of practicing social skills or money skills, we pretend that's not true.

Kind of like a meta cognitive dissonance.

But there are some very sneaky ways to practice these things.

Especially when you have a secret operators manual for the human brain.

When looking at ourselves, from our own brains, we can be VERY confusing.

But when you step back, and take our conscious, self-awareness OUT of the picture, it's surprisingly easy.

Turns out that humans are the EASIEST to "train" animals there are.

We are so easy to train we can train ourselves.

This is one reason why we HAVE self awareness.

But you don't need to "train" anybody.

Just understand our very basic collection of instincts.

Social validation instincts.

Social status instincts.

Communication instincts.

Attraction instincts.

And the most important collection of instincts there.

Love instincts.

Turns out love IS a very, very powerful feeling.

But it's not based on magic, or alchemy, or metaphysics.

Pure science.

The BEST kind of science.

The science that is easy to understand objectively.

But the absolute BEST feeling there is subjectively.

Understand the difference, and you'll see.

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