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Treasure Maps To Love


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If you look at historical maps, they look funny.

They look funny because they made them before they learned how to navigate.

They only knew how to figure out latitude.

They could this by the sun and the stars.

This was enough, sort of.

So long as they kept going in the right direction, they knew they would eventually end up somewhere.

But the British Government created a reward for whomever could solve this navigational problem.

Loading up a ship with a bunch of people and equipment and hoping for the best wasn't a very good strategy.

If they DID manage to finds some interesting places, they would need to know how to get back.

In order to do that, they'd need some accurate maps.

How did they figure out longitude as well as latitude?

It was an invention that everybody knew about.

One that had been around for thousands of years.

But they needed to make a BETTER version.

The device?

A clock.

Up to that point in time, they had plenty of clocks.

Going all the way back to sundials.

They had big grandfather clocks.

The only way they knew how to measure time accurately was by the period of a swinging pendulum.

Easy to do on dry land.

Hard to do on a ship.

In order to figure out EXACTLY where they were, they needed to accurately measure time AND distance.

Once they figured this out, they could make much more accurate maps.

Most modern humans live our lives like that.

Like the ships BEFORE accurate clocks were invented.

We don't have a very accurate idea of where we are.

Only that if we KEEP GOING, we might get someplace cool.

Often this is a very successful strategy.

Money, finances, health, all benefit from this strategy.

More money, healthier finances, and better health is ALWAYS a good idea.

But other times, we need MORE information.

We need to know EXACTLY where we are.

We need to remember how we got to the cool places.

So we can get back.

Not physical places, but emotional places.

Most of us look for positive emotions like old sailors looked for cool places.

Keep going and hope for the best.

If you find them, fantastic.

Enjoy them because you might never find them again.

This is why the idea of treasure maps are so intriguing.

Because nobody really knows where the treasure is.

But supposed you DID have a map?

Not just to previous treasure, but NEW treasure?

Treasure that nobody had discovered yet?

What would you do with that information?

Find Out:


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