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There are two basic ways you can cook.

One is to follow a recipe step by step.

This doesn't require you know anything about anything.

Only that you can follow directions.

If you are careful, you can create some pretty good stuff.

On the other hand, if know some basics, you can invent your own stuff.

Which kinds of things go with others.

Some sales jobs offer very little training.

They are based on pure numbers.

They give you a list of names and numbers, and a script.

The more people you call, the more you'd sell.

Similarly, the more people they'd hire, they more sales the company would get.

Even better is if everybody is paid on commission.

At least from the company's perspective.

This way, they would need to pay the people who can't sell.

Only the people who can.

These types of companies tend to sell very basic products and services.

The better of a salesperson you are, the higher quality stuff you could sell.

The more money you could make.

This requires knowing a bit about human nature.

Which turns out is pretty simple.

Similarly, there are tons of tricks and techniques about how to get a girl to fall for you.

Or how to get a guy to fall for you.

Even more prevalent are all the ideas, books and courses about how to get your ex back.

If you went ahead 1000 years into the future, people would still be trying to find out how to get people to fall for them.

Love is the most confusing yet most coveted thing out there.

Or in here.

But it's not really that complicated.

When you are IN love, or OUT of love, it's insanely hard to understand from inside your own head.

But from several different viewpoints, and timelines, it's pretty easy.

Easy to understand, easy to predict.

Which means when it does happen, it will be much more enjoyable.

Not only that, but you can accelerate it.

Enhance it.

Even create it.

Learn How:


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