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One interesting aspect of our language is the metaphors we use.

The problem with MOST of these metaphors, is that we really have NO idea why they were chosen.

For example, a common expressions is "raining cats and dogs."

Everybody knows this means it's raining pretty hard.

But nobody really knows why.

Sure, there's a few theories, but it's impossible to know.

Because who knows how long people used them BEFORE writing them down.

Way back in the day, there wasn't much stuff being written.

Books and newspapers.

Nobody wrote blogs or anything like that.

There weren't many newspapers.

To get a job writing newspapers, you had to demonstrate a LOT of skill.

Similarly, there was no such thing as self publishing back then.

In order to become a published author, any company had to have a pretty good idea that your stuff would sell.

All this meant that there were very FEW writers.

And the editors that looked at these things being written were very CAREFUL about letting weird phrases slip by.

Which meant they didn't put stuff like, "raining cats and dogs" into print until it had been a regular part of speech for a LONG TIME.

So no matter how sure somebody is of its origins, it's ONLY a guess.

There is no way there COULD be a record.

And yeah, everybody has their theories.

Dogs and cats climbing around on roofs and slipping off during the rain, etc.

But based on how language and words evolve, there is no way to tell if that's accurate, or just popular.

Even worse are metaphors.

Metaphors about who we are and where we came from.

A common idea is we have a purpose that is NOT dependent on our choices.

As if we were made TO DO something.

Sure, if you make a sandwich, the purpose is get eaten.

But that isn't determined by the sandwich.

That is determined by the maker.

So if you DO believe in a "maker" as an entity, then our purpose would be up to THAT person.

On the other hand, you might decide to CHOOSE YOUR OWN purpose.

Why not?

That's kind of the idea anyway.

To figure out your skills, abilities, make a few friends along the way, etc.

One thing that would help would be to understand not WHY you were made, but HOW you were made.

The deep programs running inside your brain.

The instincts that serve as the human operating system.

Turns that they're not only NOT complicated, but once you figure them out, you may get a huge advantage.

Learn How:


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