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Modern Dating Train Wreck Explanation


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Few people would disagree that the modern dating scene is a train wreck.

A train carrying a bunch of dumpster fires.

Headed toward a cliff.

Being driven by some drunken clowns.

And everybody riding the train is hammered and passed out.

OK, so maybe a little over dramatic.

But spend any time on any of the online dating sites and apps, and it's like walking through a jungle at the edge of time.

All kinds of monsters and witches and ghosts.

Acting all sweet and friendly on the outside.

But secretly wanting to bake you into a pie.

OK, so it's not THAT bad.

But it's far from ideal.

It's not THAT much different then the growing obesity problem.

(see what I did there?)

Way back in the day, being super hunger was a great instinct.

Not only being hungry, but REALLY enjoying eating.

That twin instinct keep people looking for food.

And it MAXIMIZED how much we would store as extra energy.

Today, that same instinct that helped us is killing us.

Kind of like the guy on the ship during a storm.

The boat was rocking, so he grabbed onto the first thing he could see.

Which was the anchor.

He hang on for dear life, and the anchor saved him.

Only a couple hours later, when the weather was calm, they dropped the anchor.

But he STILL held on.

And what helped him before ended up killing him.

This is what happens today when we BLINDLY follow our instincts.

Metabolic syndrome and dating disasters.

Obesity is pretty easy to understand.

Not only is it physical, but it's pretty linear.

Eat too much, and you've got problems.

Manage your hunger, and you can avoid problems.

But all the INSTINCTS that are built into human relationships are much more complex.

Much more NON-LINEAR.

And much more emotional.

Which CAN make them much harder to manage.

If you WING it, like pretty much everybody else, you risk ending up on the clown train of death.

But if you take the time to UNDERSTAND the love instincts, you can get a massive advantage.

Avoiding heartbreak.

Knowing BEST how to screen people, to create the best relationships.

You'll even be able to predict which of your friends' relationships will last, and which won't.

Kind of like having a secret set of blue prints for modern love.

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