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I've always liked science.

When I was a kid I'd read science books.

Once in high school, our teacher was talking about some obscure scientific concept.

He asked if anybody had heard of it, and I raised my hand.

He asked me where I'd heard about it.

And I said it was from a science magazine.

That brought a chuckle from everybody else.

I guess high school kids reading science magazines isn't quite normal.

In physics, their are four basic forces.

Two nuclear forces, electromagnetism, and gravity.

They goal is to come up with one meta theory that ties them all together.

Some are close, others are not.

The two nuclear forces operate on very, very tiny levels.

Gravity, on the other hand, operates on MASSIVE levels.

So far, nobody has a clue how you might relate the two.

Add in quantum mechanics, and it gets even more confusing.

They say what we know about science is like the coastline of a tiny island.

And what we don't know represents the ocean.

Which means the more of what we know, the more we realize we don't know.

Human nature is like this.

There is a LOT that seems utterly confusing.

Like the meaning of life.

Or if you're a guy, what women really like.

If you're a girl, it's pretty easy.

At least in the short term.

There's that one joke that's been going around online for years.

Two lists of what to do to create attraction in the opposite sex.

For guys, to create attraction in girls, there are tons of stuff.

All complicated, all emotional, all romantic.

For girls, to create attraction in guys, it's pretty simple.

Show up naked.

Trying to understand things like human nature and the meaning of life from inside our own brains is pretty difficult.

But it's actually not so hard once you take an objective view.

In fact, it can be pretty easy.

For example, most people know about things like social proof.

Social proof is a powerful advertising technique.

It can also be used and dating.

Understanding it from the outside is easy.

Being effected by it from the inside is hard to spot, unless you are deliberately looking for it.

All our social instincts are like this.

And all our social instincts can combine to create some very powerful feelings.

When it comes down to it, our main "purpose" is pretty basic.

Get enough food, don't get killed and make more people.

Understanding how all our instincts conspire to make this happen is pretty fascinating.

And very useful.

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