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Dating Disasters


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A long time ago, our taste buds were carefully calibrated to our environment.

The stuff we liked to eat happened to be very healthy.

Maybe once upon a time there were some goofy cave people who liked eating tree bark.

Or maybe tree bark mixed with dirt.

But since tree bark and dirt isn't part of a healthy caveman diet, those guys all died.

So today, nobody has the "tree bark is delicious" genes.

It's an interesting discovery that people who existed before the agricultural revolution had slightly different bodies.

They were meat eaters.

While the post agricultural people ate mostly grains.

This slightly changed people's makeup.

This was still pretty healthy though.

But one of the unrecognized changes AFTER the Industrial Revolution was the introduction to sugar into the modern diet.

Ancient cave people RARELY got a taste of sugar.

Most modern health problems can be linked to eating over processed foods.

From a manufacturing standpoint, it's a dream come true.

It's pretty cheap to produce the processed stuff most people eat.

The same stuff that's very hard to NOT stop eating once you start.

This is a clear case of instincts gone mad.

Another case of instincts gone mad is the modern dating dumpster fire.

Most people are lonely.

Finding a steady and loyal partner is next to impossible.

Which is kind of strange, since there's a whole slew of dating sites.

But in a sense, it is the same as food.

The MORE food technology they create, the WORSE our health gets.

The MORE dating technology they create, the WORSE our relationships and emotional health gets.

But just like we can use our rational minds to figure out the BEST food to eat to consciously create the BEST health, we can do the same for dating.

This means taking the time to find out WHAT people are craving.

The thing they aren't getting.

It's one thing to eat some junk food.

You KNOW it's junk food.

It's no mystery WHAT you need to do to get into shape.

Eat healthy and exercise.

But very few people KNOW why modern dating is such a horrific mess.

Which means if you take the time to figure this out, you'll have a HUGE advantage.

And you can use this however you want.

Learn How:


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