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One of our biggest thinking problems is mistaking correlation and causation.

You'll see this everywhere.

What's particularly amusing is if you trace a purely scientific research study.

First it's written purely by academics for academics.

Generally published in some kind of academic journal.

Which means it needs to be approved an editor of an academic journal.

But academic types need to earn a living just like everybody else.

And many of these live off grants.

And grants come from politicians.

Which are the LEAST scientific people in society.

So the next phase, after the academic paper is published, is to have it RE-WRITTEN by a science writer.

For a more mainstream, yet still kind of scientific publication.

Science writers are writers FIRST who have a working knowledge about science.

So they need to dumb it down a little bit.

And use some metaphors that aren't quite accurate.

The next phase is when it's picked up by mainstream media.

Which means it's SIGNIFICANTLY dumbed down for the masses.

And given some kind of "hook."

This is the stuff people read and talk about to make themselves sound intelligent.

"Hey, have you heard the latest research?"

"No, what is it?"

"They found a link between bananas and erectile dysfunction!"

"Wow, that's fascinating!"

"Of course, correlation doesn't mean causation..."

The problem with our ancient, instinctive cause-effect generator is not only was it calibrated for MUCH simpler times, it wasn't even supposed to be accurate.

It was more of a "better safe than sorry" mechanism.

If you THOUGHT that MAYBE there was a tiger hiding behind a bush, you MIGHT run away.

But if your dumb caveman brain said, "Rustling bushes MEANS tiger" you'd run away much, much quickly.

Our cause-effect generator was a FIGHT OR FLIGHT safety mechanism.

It wasn't meant to find correlations between bananas and boners.

But since it's an INSTINCT it's very hard to deal with.

Especially when something BAD happens.

Are brains are absolutely NOT wired to accept randomness.

We HAVE to find reasons.

Even super silly ones.

Like not being able to get a boner because you ate too many bananas.

But when something BAD happens, and there is no OBVIOUS cause, we have to FIND one.

And the most common CAUSE of bad things is US.

Somebody bad happens, and we ASSUME that we did something wrong.

Even if was a random accident.

When humans get dumped, (because we eat too many bananas) we always wonder:

What did I do wrong?

What's even WORSE is that because this is an instinct, all the BAD THINGS that happened when you were younger, you ASSUMED they were your fault.




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