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Humans are kind of like chainsaws.

Chainsaws only operate at very high RPM's.

At low RPM's, they kind of rumble and sputter.

But rev 'em up, and their purr like a kitten.

A kitten that can chew through trees like crazy.

Humans are KIND OF like that.

Meaning we were designed to operate BEST under certain conditions.

What conditions?

A lot of external pressures.

External motivating forces.

These operate how we feel SUBCONSCIOSLY.

Not rationally.

For example, imagine you had a fantastic job.

Great pay, great working conditions, great workers, great potential for advancement.

But if you showed up ONE MINUTE late you'd get a black mark.

Three black marks and you'd be fired.

You can even imagine that showing up on time is not based on any human's decisions.

Imagine it was based on some uncontrollable, external event.

And let's say the drive from your house to work was twenty minutes.

Would you ever be late?

Probably not.

Because NOT being late would be easy.

Getting up, showering, getting dressed, etc.

The benefits of simply rolling out of bed on time would be ENORMOUS.

Most humans, under these situations, would manage to organize their lives around getting up on time for work.

But give that SAME HUMAN a bunch of money, so they don't need to work, and it will be much, much more difficult to get up on time.

All our instincts were calibrated like this.

Strong internal drives.

Strong external pressures.

Today, if you get a job that's pure commission, most people would hate it.

If you don't sell anything, you don't get paid.

But for the bulk of human history, this was the rule.

If you don't work, you don't eat.

If you don't KILL you don't eat.

It's hard to imagine this without the external incentives.

This is one reason we LOVE hero's journey type movies.

Because even hero's like Luke Skywalker need to be FORCED onto the path.

Most don't go willingly.

WE don't go willingly.

So we LOVE the idea of our circumstances FORCING us to take action.

In fact, this is the most common reason for NOT talking ANY action.

"If it was really important, I'd get it done."

This means we'll never take action unless we are FORCED.

But by then, it might be too late.

You aren't getting any younger!

You don't have to take HUGE action.

Just small, tiny daily action.

To build up your ACTION TAKING muscle.

Pretty soon, you'll be a new human.

Get Started:


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