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Once I was moving from one place to another.

I was digging through a bunch of boxes in my garage.

I was trying to get rid of as much stuff as I could.

Trying to figure out what stuff I hadn't used in a while, etc.

One thing I found was a pair of aura goggles.

These glasses that were supposed to train you to see auras.

I didn't remember buying them.

But they didn't appear to be very expensive.

They were probably something I bought with the, "Wow, wouldn't it be cool of this worked!" kind of thing.

Like the stuff they sell in the back of comic books.

One common mistake people make is assuming because there are many products toward a certain skill, then that skill exists.

Usually this is a good bet.

If you can find a lot of places that sell golf clubs, there's a good chance there's this thing called golf.

Or if you can find a lot of hamburger shops, that's a good indication that food exists.

This is so obvious it seems silly to talk about it.

But there are some things that have tons of products, but they are NOT because the skill actually exists.

It's only evidence that a massive DESIRE exists.

For example, there are TONS of products that imply you can get a girl to sleep with you by only whispering a few magic words in her ear.

Or using "one weird trick."

These products exists NOT because that is possible, but because so many people desperately HOPE it is possible.

But there's a much more powerful, deeper reason why these products exist.

When I found my aura goggles in the box, I quickly tried them out.

And guess what?

I didn't see any auras.

Products that promise goofy stuff, but can easily be proven to be false don't sell much.

But products that promise easy stuff that's hard to disprove?

These sell like hotcakes.

Because when it comes to guys getting laid, these combines two ideas.

One is it will ALWAYS be a huge market.

But more importantly, any kind of technique will NEVER be tried.

Because the guys that buy them will never try them.

Because they require talking to women.

The most eager customers for "shortcuts to sex" products are also the LEAST LIKELY to try the "shortcuts to sex" products.

Which means marketers can make up pretty much any silly idea they can dream up.

This is exactly what PT Barnum meant when he said there's a sucker born every minute.

Because they are willing to believe something that is TOO GOOD to be true.

Does mean that it's hopeless?

Not at all.

The answer is to go slowly, and build slowly and get better slowly.

Learn How:


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