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A very common idea among red pill type people is being tricked.

Find any type of red pill collection of people, and the structure is similar.

The whole "red pill" idea is taken from the Matrix.

Red pill vs. blue pill.

Take the blue pill, and go back to the dream.

Take the red pill, and see things the way they really are.

In the movie, which is fiction, the "dream" was created on purpose.

The people had ZERO choice.

This is a VERY COMFORTABLE idea in real life.

The idea in dating, seduction and mgtow circles is very ENTICING.

It's generally stated like this.

I was conned by others.

I was tricked by others.

I was led to believe a lie.

And now I have decided to find the truth.

And since I can see the truth, that makes me special.

This is a VERY COMPELLING belief.

Especially if you don't change your BEHAVIOR.

This is a very useful, and very ancient collection of biases.

Of taking a NEGATIVE and turning it into a positive.

It's one thing to have a salesperson lie to you on purpose.

To get your money and sell you something that is blatantly false.

But very few people were LITERALLY tricked like a lot of red pill people will claim.

Sure, we all grow up believing in stuff that just ain't true.

But because we believe things that aren't true DOES NOT MEAN or even imply that a conscious entity deliberately tricked us.

How can this be?

For one, very few things we believe are true.

Ask any scientists, and they'll you the more they FIND OUT about the natural world, the more they DON'T KNOW.

This is about STUFF.

Stuff you can look at and measure.

When it comes to OTHER PEOPLE, it is IMPOSSIBLE to understand how the world really is.

Because the "world" is OTHER PEOPLE.

And other people have different and organically evolving intentions.

And every single one of those other people have the same basic programming.

To get as much of the good stuff as they can.

With as little effort or cost as they can.

This is the same for EVERY SINGLE LIVING ENTITY.

No living entity would make it past the harsh filters of natural selection if this wasn't true.

Where does that leave us?

We all want the good stuff.

Money, sex, relationships.

But we also all way to give as LITTLE as we can, and get as MUCH as we can.

If you believe it IS or SHOULD BE easy, that's not true.

Blaming others for deceiving you won't help.

What will help?

Getting in the game and getting some.

Get Started:


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