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Detach Unhelpful Brain Equations


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One time I was hanging out in my friend's back yard.

I was talking to her husband about something.

Something related to gardening.

I don't know how this particular noun phrase came up, but I said, "worm poop."

Something about fishing or fertilizing.

But since I was trying to crack a joke, I paused just before the phrase, and said it with a little bit of emphasis.

"blah blah blah.....WORM POOP!"

My joke worked, and my friend laughed.

But their kid, who was running around, stopped and smiled.

She looked up, smiled, and said, "Worm poop!"

Like she had just discovered something cool.

I think she was about four at the time.

She picked up on it not because of the words, but because how I said it.

AND how her dad reacted.

Which was to smile and laugh a little bit.

I paused before I said it, I said it with emphasis, and then he laughed.

And this sent her little brain a message that this was a "good phrase" to say.

She probably understood what it meant.

Worms and poop are two words that most little kids would know.

This is how our brains are configured.

When we are very young, we SOAK UP as much data as we can.

But we have to know which data is GOOD and which data is BAD.

We come pre-programmed with a lot of ways to find out.

Words that are emphasized strongly.

Words that are used with strong emotions, happiness, anger, sadness.

This is one way we pick up negative money beliefs.

All the words that are related to money are usually said with a lot of accompanying stress energy.

So before we even know what money means, we associate it with stress.

This is also how we pick up ideas about social anxiety.

Whenever we hear words about US, they may be tinged with anger, frustration, or other negative emotions.

Whenever we express ourselves, and attempt to call attention to ourselves, the response is often negative.

Not overtly, but it doesn't need to be.

So we grow up with a very strong "brain equation."

One that equates expressing ourselves, or calling attention to ourselves, with an expectation of negativity.

If this was programmed before we were three or four, this brain equations lives in our subconscious.

Which means just thinking about it rationally won't help.

But you CAN dig down and DETACH that brain equation.

Which will obliterate social anxiety.

Learn How:


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