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A very common idea in self-development is being broken.

Of having tried all kinds of ideas and programs, yet you're still stuck.

What does, "stuck" mean, exactly?

It's a metaphor that approximates a physical situation.

Like a car that is stuck in the mud.

The engines work, the tires work, but you aren't getting any traction.

The work done by the engine is being wasted.

No forward movement.

Another physical description of being stuck is like when goofy criminals try to sneak in through the chimney.

And get stuck.

They writhe and grunt and push and wriggle, but they don't move.

Another common metaphor is being "broken."

Like if your car makes noise, but it doesn't quite turn over.

Or your toaster has some kind of defect.

This is much more common than people realize.

Most people feel stuck and or broken.

Quite often.

But it's one of those things that we don't tend to talk about.

So everybody believes it's only happening to them.

Why do we feel like we are stuck or broken?

The first part comes from generally success.

When anybody is successful, in any area, it's MOSTLY unconscious.

People that are naturally outgoing don't really know WHY they are.

But our ego needs to feel like we are always in control.

So if we ask them why they are so naturally outgoing, they'll feel the need to give us a conscious reason.

The problem comes when we BELIEVE that conscious reason.

And then WE apply that conscious reason and it DOESN'T work.

Since it works for THEM, but not for US, then we must be BROKEN.

Or we keep trying it, it doesn't work, and we feel stuck.

But that's only because we are trying the WRONG thing.

People that do things naturally and easily have NO IDEA why.

But it's hard to admit that, as a normal human.

Anything that we do well, our ego NEEDS to take credit.

The truth is two fold.

Everybody needs to DISCOVER their own way of doing things.

Trying to copy others will NEVER work.

We have no idea what it's like to be them.

Their conscious answers don't really help, since that's NEVER the full story.

The second half is that the process of discovering how to do things on our own is a LIFELONG PROCESS.

This is something we DO NOT LIKE.

We very much wish it were quick and easy.

Because we are inherently lazy.

Which is why we keep trying QUICK and EASY things.

And when they don't work, we claim we are STUCK.

Or broken.

You're not.

Take your time, go slow and learn how.

Learn How:


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