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In banking, they have something called "duration mismatch."

When people make deposits, they can take them out at any time.

These are called "demand deposits."

But when banks lend out money, then lend the money for longer, fixed periods.

Which means that on one side, they have, say $1,000,000 in deposits.

These are deposits that could, theoretically, be withdrawn at any time.

But that same money is lent out, but in fixed terms.

Car loans, house loans, etc.

These are for much longer periods.

Theoretically, if EVERYBODY came to take out their money at once, their would be a big problem.

According to the rules, the depositors could take out their money at any time.

But the people who borrowed that same money have 5-30 years to pay it back.

The duration of the depositors is day to day.

The duration of the borrowers is long term.

Hence the term, "duration mismatch."

Humans have a lot of problems that are based on an idea of "mismatch."

For example, if you were to practice an instrument, you would know, without even needing to think, that it would take a while.

On the other hand the self-help industry is FILLED with ideas of "instant" this and "instant" that.

But consider that EVERTYHING is best seen as a skill.

And all skills take time.

And most skills have ZERO upper limit.

Meaning the more you practice, the better you get.

People are drawn to "one weird trick" ideas in things like health, social skills, and money.

One because we all WANT those things.

We all WANT improvements in those areas.

And we want them sooner, rather than later.

But more importantly, the idea of the PROCESS of going where we are NOW to where we WANT to be is assumed to be PAINFUL.

Getting into better shape is painful.

Practicing social skills is painful.

Practicing money skills is painful.

But that's only because the alternative to the "one weird trick" idea, (which we all kind of know is a con anyway) is the "suck it up and do it" idea.

Like ripping off a band aid.

Or setting a compound fracture.

But this is an unhelpful way of looking at things.

A much more resourceful way is to think in terms of SLOW growth.

Very, very slow.

So slow it seems normal.

So slow it's VERY easy.

So slow it's NOT painful.

And since these are skills with NO upper limit, even if you go REALLY slow, you'll still make daily progress.

For the rest of your life.

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