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For some things, practicing is easy.

Very, very boring, but easy.

Playing the guitar for example.

Many people would LIKE to be able to play.

But few people do.

The reason is pretty simple.

We humans won't do anything unless we believe the benefits will be greater than the costs.

You might imagine being to hang out somewhere, strum a few chords and get plenty of positive attention.

That imagination would be the benefits.

And so long as the costs were vague, it would be a fairly strong desire.

But when you actually practice, it's boring and frustrating.

Pretty soon you start to get a much more accurate picture of the costs.

Eventually, the costs will seem GREATER than the benefits.

And you stop.

This is normal, and VERY rational.

Nobody would ever do something where the benefits are NOT clearly greater than the costs.

It's got nothing to do with willpower.

In fact, willpower is a non-existing metaphor.

It's always and only a matter of costs and benefits.

If you believe the costs will be greater than the benefits, no amount of willpower will be enough.

If you believe the benefits are greater than the costs, then no amount of willpower is necessary.

There ARE, however a couple of ways to make the costs LESS and the benefits more.

One is to spend more time VISUALIZING the benefits.

Spending time journaling all the ways the benefits can manifest.

Sticking to the guitar example, if you spent fifteen minutes per day actually practicing, and fifteen minutes per day journaling all the different benefits, this would be much EASIER to sustain.

So long as the costs, as you experience them NOW are smaller than the benefits, as you experience them NOW, any skill building will be easy.

Especially of the skills come with plenty of built in, INSTINCTIVE benefits.

Playing the guitar is close, but there are a lot of variables.

A much better and more valuable skill is general social confidence.

This comes with TONS of built in benefits.

Friendship, romance, business, pretty much anything.

Since ANYTHING you want in life will generally involve other people.

So building up your people skills, and your people confidence will lead to  TONS of benefits.

But the same rules apply.

Costs and benefits.

So long as you keep the costs low, and the benefits high, it will be easy.

Learn How:


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