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Externalizing is a very common human trait.

It's when WE have a problem.

But we don't want to admit it.

So we imagine the problems is OUT THERE.

It works metaphorically like a semi-permeable membrane.

The kind around our cells that only lets good stuff in.

And keeps out the bad stuff.

Every aspect of our mind-body system was put there for a reason.

Unfortunately, a lot of it is outdated.

Like government computer systems.

The problem is when use our natural defense systems too much.

Externalizing is a powerful and necessary way to protect our ego.

Way back in the day, when life was very dangerous and difficult, having a weak ego was DEADLY.

It was always go-time.

But today, life is MUCH more complicated.

Back in the day, it was us, our buddies and our environment.

Back in the day, our environment was the natural world.

Trees, rocks, unexpected thunderstorms, animals, both predator and prey.


Kill or be killed.

Today, it's not so simple.

In fact, it's WAY complicated.

In the old days you either KILLED something in the environment, literally.

Or that thing KILLED you.


Today our environment is OTHER PEOPLE.

Nobody is going to kill us.

And we aren't going to kill anybody.

Unfortunately, many of our programs haven't quite caught up.

So our instincts need re-calibrating.

So does our natural learner.

Our natural learn KNOWS that takes plenty of practice to get something down.

Music, sports, etc.

But our natural learner doesn't quite see this with social situations.

Our natural learner sees social situations as a kill or be killed type of thing.

Which is why EVERYBODY is intimidated in social situations.

Some a little.

Some a lot.

But unless you can turn down the natural anxiety to workable levels, you'll stay on the sidelines.

And keep telling yourself the problem is OUT THERE.

So long as you believe the problem is OUT THERE, you'll never feel comfortable.

But once you accept that at least part of the problem is INSIDE, then you can fix it.

Re-calibrate it.

Get in the game and start learning some skills.

But, won't that be terrifying?


Re-calibrating your social instincts is actually pretty BORING.

Like studying history, when you'd rather be playing video games.

But if you do a few minutes a day, you'll eventually reach a tipping point.

When getting in the game is FUN.

Like it should be.

Learn How:


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