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A long, long time ago, human brains started to get really big.

Eventually, a decision had to be made.

Because our brains were getting so big, there was a problem with birth.

There were essentially two choices.

The first choice was that our hips could keep getting wider and wider, so our brains to keep getting bigger and bigger.

That wasn't such a good option, because that would force us back to walking on four legs.

So the next option was to have us born WAY before we were finished.

This is why humans are helpless for the first couple of years.

Compare this too all other mammals, who are mobile.

Soon after they are born, every other mammal can get up and walk around.

We humans, on the other hand, just lay there and stare off into space.

For two whole years!

Even after we can get up and walk around, our brains are still being built.

In one study, they showed a bunch of kids a puppet show.

A kid in the puppet show had some chocolate, and put it in a GREEN cupboard.

Then later his mom took some of the chocolate out.

She made a cake, and then she put it back into the BLUE cupboard.

Then the original kid came back.

And said he wanted some chocolate.

The question to the kids WATCHING the puppet show was WHERE would he look?

Not where the chocolate was, but where he THOUGHT it was.

The older kids figured it out.

But the kids four and younger couldn't.

These means even four year old kids, who can walk around and use language pretty well, STILL don't understand about human intentions.

They can't extrapolate what happened before and use that to guess what people are thinking.

This is why plenty of our limiting beliefs are so, uh, LIMITING.

They were programmed in BEFORE our brains were finished.

Before we understood how OUR intentions are different from OTHER people's intentions.

Before we could understand how to GUESS other people's intentions.

For some lucky folks, with positive and supportive role models, they don't much of a problem.

But for everybody else, we still are stuck with a lot of these limiting beliefs.

Perhaps the most DANGEROUS and INSIDIOUS limiting beliefs is the one that creates social anxiety.

The one that makes us feel anxious and nervous every time we even THINK about expressing ourselves.

The more intelligent you are, the WORSE this feels.

Since this was programmed on an emotional, NON-intelligent level.

Luckily, there is a solution.

A slow, safe gradual we to REMOVE social anxiety.

Learn How:


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