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There's a psychological idea called the "pushback effect."

If you've ever gotten into an argument online, you've no doubt experienced it.

This, like most of our biases, is something that's easily seen in others, but very hard to see in ourselves.

Which means it is an ego-based survival instinct.

The pushback effect is triggered when somebody tries to counter your argument.

The INSTINCT is to hold fast, regardless of the other person's logic.

The MORE you come at the opponent with logic, the MORE they'll dig into their position.

Our beliefs are very much associated with our identity.

This goes along with the "beliefs as food" idea.

We don't really eat food because it's healthy.

We eat food because it tastes good.

Way back in the day, this was perfect.

The BETTER something tasted, the BETTER it was for us.

Meat and fat were ideal, as they were dense sources of needed calories.

Sweet fruit even better.

Roots, and tubers, not so much.

They were better than nothing, but not as good as a freshly killed slab of meat.

Of course, today, with recent discoveries in chemistry, food is engineered to be delicious.

But at the cost of health.

Beliefs can operate the same way.

We don't believe things because they are true.

We believe things because the help us and make us feel good.

So when somebody attacks our beliefs, it very much FEELS like they are attacking US.

Hence the pushback effect.

Somebody attacks our beliefs, which makes us dig in.

Very much like a physical confrontation.

If somebody pushes you, you push them back.

Nearly all "fighting technology" is based on pushing back BETTER than they pushed you.

Only few are based on NOT pushing back, but instead using THEIR energy.

This can be done conversationally as well.

Not in arguments, but in persuasion and influence.

For any purpose.

Sales, friend making and seduction.

Since the pushback effect is based on ego, it's very HARD to turn off.

But if you can manage to turn it off, and simply ask very easy to answer, linguistically calibrated questions, they will feel FANTASTIC.

Even enjoyable conversations between friends have the pushback effect.

Each person is very subconsciously trying to OUTDO the other.

But once you shut off your ego, they will be able to EXPAND.

The more they EXPAND the better they feel.

And when you carefully allow them to expand their ego, they'll be willing to do whatever you want.

Learn How:


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