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Gurus and Half Truths


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There are a quite a lot of truisms.

The problem with truisms is three fold.

One is that they are popular.

Two is that they are true.

Three is where the problems begin.

It's how our brain treats "knowledge" and "experience."

If you hear something once, it might seem like a good idea.

But if you hear it a bunch of times, and eventually begin to repeat it yourself, then it starts to FEEL very familiar.

But familiar in a superficial way.

Not in a deep, experiential way.

You can tell that somebody has this level of "knowledge" when you ask them to explain EXACTLY what they mean.

But they can't.

They have a weird combination of KNOWING that something is true.

They know it as well as their own name.

But they can't explain HOW or WHY it's true.

When people have ideas, you can tell how they explain them.

They say things like, "Well if you think about it, it makes sense."

Since that's how THEY experience it inside their own brain.

They've ACCEPTED the idea from others.

The idea makes them feel good.

They've thought about that idea a whole bunch of times.

But they've never take the time to actually take apart the idea.

This type of thing pops up ALL OVER THE PLACE in self help and self development.

Entire seminars are filled with gurus saying these truisms in a whole bunch of different ways.

But never once explaining how EXACTLY to apply them.

Here's an example.

A very common, and often repeated marketing strategy is as follows:

"Encourage their dreams, allay their fears, and throw rocks at their enemies."

This SOUNDS fantastic.

Who wouldn't want their dreams encouraged?

Who wouldn't want their fears allayed?

Who wouldn't want help throwing rocks at their enemies?

Everybody would.

Which is why this is GOOD advice and TERRIBLE advice at the same time.

Good advice because it rings very true.

Terrible advice because it doesn't explain HOW, specifically, to do that.

For example, how, exactly would you ENCOURAGE somebody's dreams?

You could say something silly and common:

"You should TOTALLY go after your dreams!"

Or ask them what their dreams are.

And then say:

"Yeah! You should totally do that!"

Problem is that this is the SAME strategy that every other fake goof tries.

If you went into an upscale department store, and tried on an expensive shirt, THIS is what they'd say:

"That shirt looks great! You'll DEFINITELY get laid!"

This is an ATTEMPT to encourage your dreams.

Unfortunately, it's the same fake line that EVERY salesperson uses.

Luckily, there is a very specific set of linguistic techniques that you can learn.

To make it very easy to elicit and BUILD up their dreams.

And some more specific linguistic techniques to ENCOURAGE their dreams.

In ways they've NEVER experienced.

Learn How:


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