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Tree Trains and Dirt Gold


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One of the driving forces of all livings is to maximize gains and minimize costs.

Most animals, not even us humans, think in these terms.

This is a very deep instinct.

It has to be.

Without even ascribing life to an entity, it must burn energy.

Moving takes energy.

Your car won't go without any gas.

Animals won't be able to move without any fuel.

They must consume at least as many calories as they burn.

Or else they will die.

The ONLY animals that exist must have some deep programming that makes them follow this rule.

To MAXIMIZE what they get, and MINIMIZE what they spend.

We can see this everywhere in human life.

In our day to day life.

And in human history.

Whenever we buy something, we want to GET as much as we can, while spending as little as we can.

Every invention was driven by deep desire get more while spending less.

This is what drove the ancient desire behind alchemy.

To turn regular dirt into gold.

This is what drove the industrial revolution.

The ancient Greeks had figured out how to spin something by boiling water.

They boil the water, the steam rises and makes something spin around.

If you can only burn wood, it's not very efficient.

But if you can burn coal, it becomes VERY efficient.

Imagine if you had a locomotive with a wood burning engine.

You'd have to stop every couple miles.

Everybody would have to get out and chop down a bunch of trees.

But using coal? 

You can go a lot further by carrying a lot less WEIGHT.

Even when we humans are thinking about doing something, this cost benefit analysis is ALWAYS running in the back of our minds.

Especially when it comes to getting others to do what we want.

That's why we LOVE the idea of magic words.

If there WERE a collection of magic words, that would be FANTASTIC.

That would be like ALCHEMY.

The idea of walking up to a stranger, speaking these magic words, and then watching them EAGERLY do whatever you wanted.

Well, guess what?

There IS a way to do that.

But it's not based on magic words.

More about the kinds of QUESTIONS you ask.

Questions that build up a TON of desire.

Questions that are absolutely unimposing.

Questions that are easy to answer.

Questions that are enjoyable to answer.

The more you ask, the easier it will be.

Learn How:


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