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Cialdini laws can be found everywhere.

These are very much like biases, in that you can see them in others, but it's very hard to see them in ourselves.

For example, social proof, authority, and commitment and consistency are three of Cialdini's laws.

And these three ideas are behind most beliefs in our brain.

Most of us NEVER take the time to consider any of our most closely held ideas.

Humans didn't evolve by being slow thinking logicians.

Humans evolved by thinking quickly.

As a means to an end.

The END was not "truth."

The END was safety, food, sex, social status, etc.

Advertisers know all about Cialdini laws.

Even before Cialdini showed up.

Social proof, authority, scarcity, commitment and consistency,  you'll find these in all things sold.

But since they operate BENEATH conscious awareness, we can ONLY see them in other people.

We are not robots, we are not Vulcans.

We are ILLOGICALLY thinking, emotionally driven humans.

And we very much NEED to believe we are logical.

Normally, this isn't a problem.

Normally, this is a BENEFIT.

If you had to logically prove everything, not only would be you lonely, but you'd be EXTREMELY depressed.

Unless you are hard core scientist who NEVER leaves the lab, (and is married to a robot sex doll), being illogical and emotional is WHO WE ARE.

The problem comes when we try and PERSUADE others.

We tend to make decisions emotionally.

Based largely on Cialdini laws.

But THEN, because we have a need to BELIEVE that we are logical and rational, even when we aren't, we come up with a logical sounding reason WHY we did what we just did.

When we only tell ourselves these reasons, that's PERFECT.

But if we use these SAME REASONS to try and influence others, it won't work.

Since they aren't the REAL reasons.

Luckily, there is a way to temporarily SHUT DOWN this post logic imagination.

Which is essentially an ego protection tool.

Once shut off (temporarily) you can talk to others to BUILD up their deep desire.

The STRONGER their desire is, the more they'll enjoy talking to you.

The more they'll be ATTRACTED to the things you are talking about.

The more they'll want to DO THEM.

The more they'll want to DO YOU, but you gotta be careful.

Because this works VERY QUICKLY, and very strongly, the LAST thing you want is somebody you DON'T KNOW being super attracted to you.

So go slow, and you'll be fine.

Learn How:


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