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Trapped In A Room of Mirrors?


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I went to this goofy seminar a long time ago.

I don't remember what the purpose was.

But I do remember one exercise.

There was a small star inside another bigger star.

And you had the trace another star between the two.

But you had to do it while watching ONLY the tip of your pencil in the mirror.

It was nearly impossible with all the angles.

Every time you thought you'd go one way, the pencil would end up going the other.

In plenty of movies that have fight scenes inside houses of mirrors.

The most famous being a Bruce Lee Movie.

A common scene is the good guy will be wandering around, his gun ready.

Then he sees the bad guy, shoots him, only to find it's a reflection.

This happens in life quite a bit.

It's based on how we externalize many of our problems.

This is VERY HARD to see from inside your brain.

It's VERY EASY to see in others.

Which itself is kind of a meta-externalizing.

It's common to externalize negative traits on others that we refuse to acknowledge within ourselves.

Gone unchecked, it's like living in a house of mirrors.

Many things that are wrong are thought to be OUT THERE.

A common structure in many problems is the "world is broken" structure.

Or the "world is rigged" structure.

Add in some confirmation bias, and it's even MORE difficult to get to the bottom of things.

Add in a bunch of social proof, plenty of folks who have similarly structured problems, and you got a conspiracy.

Even WORSE is when there is actually EVIDENCE that the world IS rigged.

That the world IS broken.

That is not helpful.

Because if you are NOT getting what you want FROM the world, there is only one LEGIMATE way to respond.

To CHANGE your behaviors to get something different.

Something better.

This requires that you figure out WHICH parts are REALLY broken, and which parts you are EXTERNALIZING.

Once you acknowledge the parts that you are externalizing, your natural, "trial and error" learning mechanism will kick in.

This is tough to do ONLY by thinking.

You've got to get the ideas OUT of your head and on paper.

So you can look at those ideas as OBJECTIVE concepts.

This takes time and introspection.

Two things people don't have much patience with.

We want things quick.

We want things easy.

And we want things GIVEN to us from OUTSIDE ourselves.

But if you CAN manage to start looking at your ideas and strategies objectively, you can start getting much better stuff.

While everybody else is still waiting for a free ride.

Learn How:


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