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Emperor Or Buzz Killer?


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An ideal role model for becoming an effective public speaker is Marcus Aurelius.

He was a famous orator and Roman emperor.

But he's not a good role model because of his success.

He's a role model because of how he achieved his success.

When he was young, he had a speech impediment.

Today, that's enough to destroy your self-confidence for life.

Imagine how it must have been back in the Roman times.

But that didn't stop young Marcus.

Not one bit.

He spent the days of his youth down at the beach.

Not wishing things were better.

Not waiting for somebody to come and fix his problems.

Not praying to the gods to intercede in his behalf.

He spent his days screaming at the ocean.

Not in anger, or frustration.

But in practice.

He would fill his mouth with stones.

And yell.

In his mind, it was him vs. the sound of the ocean.


He was building up ability to speak loudly and confidently.

And by filling his mouth with rocks, he was CONSCIOUSLY training his mouth.

His lips and his tongue and his teeth.

By the time he was a young adult, he had the confidence, the logic, and the articulation to move large crowds.

A far cry from being a kid that talked funny.

Later, as a successful statesman and politician, he was a prolific writer.

His most famous book is still read today.


One vital line in there speaks great truth to human nature:

"Everything is opinion."

This is very similar to something Socrates discovered.

Socrates discovered that nothing is true.

And he made his career by proving nobody around him REALLY knew anything.

This got him killed.

Marcus had the same realization.

But instead of using it as buzz kill skill, he did the opposite.
Socrates had the notion that he would walk around and PROVE that everybody was wrong.

Maybe he thought that would get him laid.

Maybe he thought that would gain him some respect.

It did make him famous.

But only after he was killed.

Marcus, on the other hand, took that same idea and leveraged for MASSIVE power while he was alive.

If you KNOW that ALL the ideas that exist in other people's brains are NOT TRUE, there are two ways to respond.

You can prove they aren't true, like Socrates.

Or you can make YOUR ideas more compelling, like Marcus.

The choice is yours.

Which will you do?

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