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I remember a long, long time ago, when I was a kid.

It was Christmas and we were opening presents.

I bought my grandma something, I'm not sure.

She opened it, looked it, smiled and said thanks.

Then she asked me what it was.

I had no idea, so I shrugged my shoulders.

Most people have PC's.

And we use them for tons of different reasons.

Watching movies, playing video games, chatting and emailing with friends, writing novels, etc.

A PC is something that satisfies TONS of different uses.

So it would be silly to ask, "What's a PC for?"

Or, "What is the purpose of PC?"

Even sillier would be asking for the purpose of your toaster.

Nobody lies awake at night wondering if they are using their toaster correctly.

From a structural perspective, our mind-body system is a tool, just like a PC.

Most of us wonder about our "purpose."

My grandma asked me what the gift was, since I bought it for her.

This would be logical.

But we tend to ask the "life purpose" of other people.

That would be like a toaster asking another toaster what a toaster is supposed to be doing.

One way to figure out our purpose would be to look at all the things we can DO.

And figure out how to MAXIMIZE our use.

For example, you COULD use your toaster to warm up a frozen pizza.

Put the frozen pizza on top, and then hit the toaster button.

Kind of silly, but it would sort of work.

But it would be significantly UNDER-UTILIZING the toaster's potential.

Or maybe you could put the toaster on the floor, under your desk during winter.

To keep your feet warm.

But you'd have to keep reaching down every couple minutes to push down the toast button.

It would work, but it would under-utilize its capacity.

Most people use our mind-body system like that.

As a passive device.

To let others tell us what to do.

Especially when it comes to our brains.

Our brains are INSANELY powerful.

Capable of holding TONS more information that we think.

Yet how do most of us use our brains?

We OUTSOURCE our thinking whenever we can.

Other people.

TV, movies, etc.

One way we CAN use our brains is as "new instinct generators."

To train in new skills to the level of unconscious competence.

Sure, this takes time, and it's not fun.

But what if you developed money making skills?

Or persuasion skills?

Or romance creation skills?

All to the point of NEW INSTINCTS, so you could do those things naturally, without thinking?

Learn How:


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