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Chess Players and Movie Spies


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A common strategy is to anticipate somebody's intention.

For example, defenders who can accurately read the offense tend to predict movements before they happen.

In movies, enemies are always trying to out think and out fake each other.

Sometimes they use chess terminology to describe this.

Chess is a game of strategy and hidden intentions.

The pieces are plainly visible, but the intentions behind the pieces are not.

A common sales objection strategy is to understand the intention behind the objection.

If you DON'T understand the intention, it's hard to address the objection.

Sometimes our intentions are hidden, even from ourselves.

When patients visit therapists, for example, there are often two issues.

The presenting issue, which is the one the patient thinks is the real issue.

And the deeper issue, which may take quite a bit of time to get to.

This is why couples tend to get into vicious fights about things that don't appear to be a big deal on the surface.

But underneath there is some deep emotional issues.

The longer we let these emotional issues fester, the worse we'll explode during silly arguments about toilet seats and toothpaste caps.

Sometimes our outward expressions are the OPPOSITE of our intentions.

Because we have doubts about our intentions.

But we don't want to acknowledge those doubts.

So we ignore them, usually by externalizing them.

And we end up seeing them in other people.

When you have two people, like a couple, that have similarly structured doubts, that are both hidden and externalized (onto each other) the arguments can be very explosive.

Like a self-destructive dance of death between matter and anti-matter.

From a structural standpoint, this can be pretty easy to understand.

On a deep level, we have our basic instincts.

Food, sex, social validation, etc.

Then we have our surface level, conscious expressions of those instincts.

In between we have our doubts about HOW we may or may not get those outcomes satisfied.

It can seem pretty confusing at first, but if you take the time to understand our basic thought process, it gets pretty easy.

It's kind of like having X-ray vision.

Knowing what moves the other guy is going to make.

Before they make it.

Like advanced athletes, chess players, and movie spies.

Needless to say, this will give you an incredible advantage.

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