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Taco Bell vs. Jack In The Box


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Buddha allegedly said that all pain comes from expecting something that is not realistic.

Or something like that.

The problem with metaphysical "truths" like this is we don't see them for what they REALLY are.

We tend to think of them as if they some kind of magic words.

Like only by saying them, and understanding them, we will suddenly become "enlightened" and not have to worry any more.

We say these metaphysical truths to each other.

And then say congratulate each other for being so insightful.

"Yeah, that is SO true!" we tell each other knowingly.

But what does that REALLY mean?

Long ago, I came home on a Friday night after work.

For some reason, I was REALLY looking forward to Jack in the Box.

But when I got to Jack in the Box, after FANTASIZING about it all day, it was closed.

I had to choose another fast food place.

Taco Bell, I think.

Even though I generally LIKE Taco Bell, I didn't that night.

Because I was EXPECTING Jack in the Box.

Of course, this was something OUTSIDE of my control.

And guess what?

Plenty of unexpected crap happens to us that we CANNOT control.

If you EXPECT these things to NOT happen, you'll be pissed.

Just like Buddha said.

But plenty of things we EXPECT that we really have NO BUSINESS expecting.

If you applied to be a high level engineer, but you only had a high school diploma, there's NO WAY you'd get hired.

But suppose you bought a book on Law of Attraction, and this book said all you had to do was BELIEVE and magic stuff would happen.

And because of this, you EXPECTED to get hired as an engineer.

With only a high school degree.

And a C in algebra.

Naturally, you'd be upset.

You might even believe the world is UNFAIR.

Because the world is not GIVING you what you expect.

Maybe THIS is what Buddha was talking about.

This is particularly difficult when it comes to money and love.

Both things that we can be EASILY tricked into thinking we DESERVE just because.

But every single dollar, and every single moment you spend with another person must be their CHOICE.

People must give you money because they WANT to.

Attractive people will only spend time with you because they ENJOY it.

Which means THEY need to get THEIR subjective needs satisfied.

Fortunately, you can figure out what they want pretty easily.

And when you can give it to them, THEN they will give you what you want.

Learn How:


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